you’ve been one of my closest friends ever since i met you. there were times when we drifted but it was never for too long. even if we didn’t talk for a month, we knew we were always close and there for each other. we could pick up where we left off in a heartbeat and your presence always felt like comfort. there were days where all i needed to feel better was a conversation with you and the thought of no longer having that hurts like daggers. you were an amazing girl and you had the biggest heart i’ve ever seen. this doesn’t do you justice at all, but you will never be forgotten. i love you and i always will. rest in peace, serena.

Gaurav Gupta at Indian Couture Week 2014


my aesthetic is alcoholic drinks that taste like they have no alcohol in


English Vinglish (2012)


"you’re hindi right???? so you believe in the elephant god?????"


*university voice* unfortunately… we have too much money… so we have to raise tuition so we can build a place to keep all the other money in… so sorry unavoidable

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